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Special Offers

50% OFF All Dental Procedures

To promote dental health and awareness we are offering discounted dental treatments and dental clinics over July and August.

This includes a free dental check-up and 50% off all routine dental treatments including X-rays and any necessary tooth extractions.

Dental disease is five times more common in cats and dogs than in humans. Tartar build up can result in gum disease, periodontitis, tooth loss, bad breath, severe infections and chronic pain for your pet. In addition cats often suffer from ‘feline oral resorptive lesions’ (FORLs) which can be extremely painful – although they do not always show signs of pain.

Regular scaling and polishing of your pet’s teeth can help to prevent progression of dental disease and help to identify problems in your pet’s mouth that may otherwise go undetected.

Is your pet suffering in silence?? Please phone us at the practice to discuss your pet’s needs further.

Cats Protection Neutering Scheme

The practice is working with Cats Protection to provide a neutering service to eligible cat owners.
If you live in postcode areas EH1-EH55 and ML12, and are on state benefits, or a low household income, you have the opportunity to have your cat neutered for £5.

Please call the practice for further details.