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Collars & Leads

Lupine Eco Collars and Leads

Lupine is a small company run in the white mountains of New Hampshire in the U.S.A making dog collars, leads and cat collars, with their products being exported all over the world. Since Lupine’s beginning, they have been giving back to organizations, focusing specifically on closely knitted local causes.
Lupine draw inspiration from the durable components found in climbing and hiking gear. Soft and strong in various collars, Lupine’s eco collars are made from recycled plastic bottles.


Lupine have also created the 'even-if-chewed' guarantee for life. Should anything happen to accidentally damage your Lupine product – including it being chewed – we will replace the product free of charge. Just bring the product back to us and we will give you a new one! This guarantee does not cover items that are lost, outgrown or products that are simply worn.

Cycle Dog Reflective Collars and Leads

Every year, millions of bike tubes are thrown into landfills. At Cycle Dog, they recycle and re-purpose these into dog leads and collars. They come in 5 colours- green, purple, silver, orange and blue.

The material is very soft and therefore very comfortable for dogs to wear. They feature the Latch-Lock Airline-Style Buckle which is over 400% stronger than plastic buckles as well as the Pup Top Bottle Opener that also acts as a lead attachment rather than a standard D ring.

All Cycle Dog¨ Collars are quick drying, non-fraying and mould and stink resistant too.

The reflective range has 100% reflection, not just a strip or piping that can so easily wear off.